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Who Are We?

BestDecanter.com is a panel of seven trusted experts who have analyzed, reviewed and tested hundreds of liquor and wine decanters. We each independently provide a decanter review and use our own personal opinions to critic the products. Our reviewers have a keen eye for quality and rigorously test each decanter to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.


How Do Our Reviews Work?

Each decanter featured on this site has been independently reviewed by seven trusted experts. We evaluate each decanter based on a number of different factors including design, function and quality. Once the panel has fully evaluated each decanter the results are averaged to create each products total BD SCORE. By using the BD SCORE each decanter can be ranked and compared side by side for meaningful analysis.

Disclosure: This website takes a panel approach to reviewing Liquor and Wine Decanters. Each review is written by one (or more) of our seven trusted experts. At times, we receive free products or compensation from some of the companies whose products are reviewed on our site. The companies understand that this does not affect how we rate their product. Our reviews are never influenced by compensation of any form. The opinions stated within are our own and true to our experiences.

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