Best Decanters of 2017

Innovation and trends from year-to-year make for a diverse range of new decanters on the market. If you are looking for the hottest decanters of 2017, look no further. We are a team of seven trusted decanter critics that have rigorously tested decanters by serving drinks and drinking from countless drinking vessels to provide the public with a list of the 15 best decanters for 2017. Even though we can get a little tipsy by the end of our evaluations, our reviews remain dependable and trustworthy.

Why Use a Decanter?

Decanters add that extra pop of style and decor to complete any home bar or entertainment area. Keeping up with the most innovative, stylish and high-quality decanters for any situation can set you apart from the crowd. Serving wine or liquor from a decanter can provide a focal point or conversation piece for the evening. The quality and aesthetics of the decanter are equally as important to impress guests and optimise the guest experience. For some wines, a decanter can improve the drinking experience while for spirits, a decanter is there to be aesthetically pleasing.

Preserving Spirits

Maintaining the integrity of spirits is the most crucial factor to consider when shopping for a decanter. The decanter should have an airtight seal between the stopper and the body of the decanter to diminish the effects of evaporation. Don’t forget to purchase a lead-free decanter if you plan to store your spirits inside to avoid any health risks.

Considering style, trends, quality, and functionality, we have assembled a list of the best decanters of 2017. You can find the list below and click any of the decanters to see the full review page

Our Best Rated Decanters of 2017 (See Full List)

  1. Constellation1797 Liquor Decanter – BD Score 56
  2. Tomoka Gold Bourbon Barrel Decanter – BD Score 56
  3. Prestige Decanters Etched Globe Decanter – BD Score 56
  4. Bull Shaped Decanter – BD Score 55
  5. Glass Diamond Shaped Decanter – BD Score 54
  6. Ravenscroft Crystal Tradewinds Decanter – BD Score 51
  7. Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter – BD Score 49
  8. Circleware CG Society Decanter – BD Score 49
  9. Ravenscroft Crystal Bishop Decanter Set – BD Score 49
  10. Godinger Silver Art Symphony Decanter – BD Score 48
  11. Ravenscroft Thomas Jefferson Decanter – BD Score 48
  12. Godinger Silver Art Spirits 8 PC Set – BD Score 48
  13. Twist Whiskey Decanter “Lismore” – BD Score 48
  14. Ravenscroft Crystal St Jaques Decanter – BD Score 48
  15. Paksh Novelty Capital Decanter – BD Score 47
The Best Decanters of 2017 (See Full List)


Buying Guide Important Things to Consider:

  1. Stopper Quality – Is it airtight?
  2. Is the decanter crystal or glass? Crystal decanters have lead in them, if you plan to keep liquor in your decanter for an extended period of time this can be dangerous.
  3. Size of Decanter, large enough to hold a 750ml bottle with room to spare