Gin is one of the most important spirits for making classic cocktails like the Tom Collins, Gin Martini, and Negroni. It is absolutely essential to have gin behind the bar. Today we are in a golden age of gin, finding everything from classic style gins like English London Dry and Dutch Jenever to old styles being revived like Old Tom and new, exotic styles of gin being made in every corner of the world. We can even find sipping gin being produced like Monkey 47 from Germany.

Compared to other spirits, gin is relatively easy and low-cost to produce which has contributed to its success in the craft spirits scene. Gin is made with a neutral spirit, usually grain, with the addition or maceration and distillation of Juniper and botanicals. Typically, it is not aged (although it could be) making for lower costs of production compared to spirits that need to be aged in barrels for a specified period of time. With such a vast spectrum of gin being produced, gin lovers are inevitably experimenting with various styles and producers of gin. While gin is not traditionally a spirit we keep in a decanter, there is nothing wrong with wanting to flaunt your favorite gin by displaying it in a decanter.

Why Use a Decanter for Gin?

Serving gin from a decanter can add a chic sense of modernity and style to any bar. It welcomes guests to come together to taste, chat and enjoy the atmosphere of the entertainment room.

Whether looking for a modern or traditional style decanter, quality one of the most important elements to take into consideration.

Preserving Gin

Keep in mind that when alcohol is stored in a vessel that allows ample air contact, the spirit can evaporate if not properly sealed. Buying a decanter with a stopper that has an airtight seal is essential to avoid losing a significant amount of spirit.   Most importantly, if you are planning to store gin in a decanter, purchase a glass decanter, as crystal contains lead which can seep into the gin.

Our experts have reviewed these factors and more to bring a list go the best gin decanters. You can find the complete list below and click any of the decanters to visit the full review page.

Our Best Rated Gin Decanters (See Full List)

  1. Tomoka Gold Bourbon Barrel Decanter – BD Score 56
  2. Glass Diamond Shaped Decanter – BD Score 54
  3. Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter – BD Score 49
  4. Circleware CG Society Decanter – BD Score 49
  5. Palais Glassware Connoisseur Decanter – BD Score 46
  6. Luigi Bormioli Rossini Decanter – BD Score 44
  7. Bormioli Rocco Capitol Decanter – BD Score 39
  8. Denizli Spirits Crystal Decanter – BD Score 39
  9. Wine Savant Globe Decanter – BD Score 37
The Best Decanter for Gin (See Full List)


Buying Guide Important Things to Consider:

  1. Stopper Quality – Is it airtight?
  2. Is the decanter crystal or glass?
  3. Size of Decanter, large enough to hold a 750ml bottle with room to spare