Scotch is arguably the most popular and most highly regarded whisky in the world. Its fame has led to imitators all over the world trying to recreate scotch-style whisky in places like Japan, Taiwan, and the U.S. To be called scotch the spirit can only be produced in Scotland and must be made from barley. The expression of distilled barley can vary immensely, making it one of the most fascinating spirits in the world to discover.

On just about every cocktail list there are delicious new drinks being made with scotch, like modern versions of the Godfather or the modern classic, the Penicillin. It is easy to convert just about anyone into a scotch drinker, with a style of scotch for everyone. From the heavily peated, or smokey, single-malt whisky of Islay to the funky whiskies from Speyside and sweet and fruit whiskies aged in old Sherry barrels from just about every region, you are bound to find something you like. Whether drank in craft cocktails, neat, or on the rocks, Scotch is the perfect choice for celebrations, nightcaps and everything in between.

Why Use a Decanter for Scotch?

While some alcoholic beverages benefit from being decanted, using a decanter for Scotch is purely aesthetic. It provides a chic, elegant look to your home bar that makes for an atmospheric experience. While air doesn’t have too much of an effect on scotch, water actually does help scotch to open and become more expressive. When drinking Scotch neat, try adding a few drops of cold water to your class next time to see the difference.

While design and style may be important when shopping for a decanter, don’t forget to ensure the quality of the decanter is superior.

Preserving Scotch

To properly preserve scotch when using a decanter, it is crucial to consider the quality of the stopper. It should have an airtight seal which will preserve the Scotch and avoid loss of alcohol to evaporation.

After grueling and meticulous work of examining and drinking scotch from hundreds of decanters, we have compiled a list of the best decanters for scotch whisky. Check out at our list below and click any of the decanters to review the full review page.

Our Best Rated Scotch Decanters (See Full List)

  1. Constellation1797 Liquor Decanter – BD Score 56
  2. Tomoka Gold Bourbon Barrel Decanter – BD Score 56
  3. Prestige Decanters Etched Globe Decanter – BD Score 56
  4. Bull Shaped Decanter – BD Score 55
  5. Glass Diamond Shaped Decanter – BD Score 54
  6. Ravenscroft Crystal Tradewinds Decanter – BD Score 51
  7. Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter – BD Score 49
  8. Circleware CG Society Decanter – BD Score 49
  9. Ravenscroft Crystal Bishop Decanter Set – BD Score 49
  10. Godinger Silver Art Spirits 8 PC Set – BD Score 48
  11. Ravenscroft Thomas Jefferson Decanter – BD Score 48
  12. Twist Whiskey Decanter “Lismore” – BD Score 48
  13. Ravenscroft Crystal St Jaques Decanter – BD Score 48
  14. Fitz and Floyd Gold Luster Decanter – BD Score 47
  15. Kemstood Globe Decanter – BD Score 47
The Best Decanter for Scotch (See Full List)


Buying Guide Important Things to Consider:

  1. Stopper Quality – Is it airtight?
  2. Is the decanter crystal or glass? Crystal decanters have lead in them, if you plan to keep Scotch in your decanter for an extended period of time this can be dangerous.
  3. Size of Decanter, large enough to hold a 750ml bottle with room to spare