While the idea of vodka may invoke images of Russian spies conducting business over shots of vodka, the spirit is made and consumed all over the world. In fact, globally it is the most consumed distilled spirit in the world. Vodka can be made anywhere, from just about anything. From potatoes to grapes, to corn or wheat, if it is starch or sugar rich, it is probably distilled into vodka somewhere in the world. The hallmark characteristic of vodka is heavy distillation which gives a rather flavorless spirit. A high-quality vodka has the capacity to enhance and support flavors from other components in cocktails or even with food pairings. Vodka is the backbone to cocktails like the Moscow Mule, Martini, Vesper, and Bloody Mary. Don’t write off vodkas as a spirit just for drinking, vodka can accompany some beautifully crafted food pairings. The most classic example is vodka and caviar, one of the most luxurious pairings that exist in the world.

Why Use a Decanter for Vodka?

When serving premium vodka cocktails and luxurious food pairings, displaying vodka in a decanter is essential to keep up that chic feeling brought by high-end vodka. Vodka doesn’t need to be decanted in order to breathe rather the decanter can change the perception of a bottle of vodka from a liquor to make Buttery Nipple and Mind Easer shots with, to an elite spirit component in well-crafted cocktails. Keep your decanter of vodka next to a couple of copper mugs for a cool look and easy access to Moscow Mules.

While design and functionality are important factors to consider when shopping for a decanter, be sure to pay close attention to the quality of the decanter.

Preserving Vodka

The preservation of vodka is the number one concern when using a decanter. After all, serving the vodka in its best form is the most important thing. In order to avoid losing any of the spirit to evaporation, consider the quality of the stopper. The stopper should be fitted perfectly to the decanter for an airtight seal.

We have weighed and evaluated numerous factors taking into account things like quality, style, and functionality to bring you our list of the best decanters for vodka. Take a look at the list below and click on any decanter to scan the full review page.

Our Best Rated Vodka Decanters (See Full List)

  1. Tomoka Gold Bourbon Barrel Decanter – BD Score 56
  2. Prestige Decanters Etched Globe Decanter – BD Score 56
  3. Glass Diamond Shaped Decanter – BD Score 54
  4. Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter – BD Score 49
  5. Ravenscroft Crystal Bishop Decanter Set – BD Score 49
  6. Paksh Novelty Capital Decanter – BD Score 47
  7. Kloud City Decanter – BD Score 46
  8. Ravenscroft Crystal Wellington Decanter – BD Score 44
  9. Lily’s Home Whiskey Decanter – BD Score 43
  10. Madison Avenue Whiskey Decanter – BD Score 43
  11. Dublin Triangular Decanter – BD Score 42
  12. Cathys Concepts Personalized Decanter – BD Score 42
  13. James Scott Triangular Decanter – BD Score 41
  14. Bormioli Rocco Dedalo Decanter Set – BD Score 40.8
  15. Custom Crystal Decanter – BD Score 40


The Best Decanter for Vodka (See Full List)


Buying Guide Important Things to Consider:

  1. Stopper Quality – Is it airtight?
  2. Is the decanter crystal or glass? Crystal decanters have lead in them, if you plan to keep vodka in your decanter for an extended period of time this can be dangerous.
  3. Size of Decanter, large enough to hold a 750ml bottle with room to spare