For years the argument over the correct spelling of whiskey (whiskey or whisky) has been debated. But the answer is simple, they’re both correct. Whisky without the letter e is the spelling used by the Scottish when referring to Scotch whisky. But whiskey with the addition of the letter e was adopted by the Irish and brought over to the United States by the Irish immigrants. Generally, when we are talking about whiskey, we are referring to either Irish or American whiskey or whiskeys made in one of those two styles.

In Scotland whisky is made with barley while Ireland, traditionally being economically less wealthy, uses other grains in addition to barley. Where in the United States distillers had to adapt to using different grains like corn, wheat, and rye. This can start to explain the differences in the variations in style. Irish whiskey uses a triple distillation process that is not traditionally used in other countries that provides for a smoother spirit, while the wheat, corn, and rye in the US provide for a sweeter styled whiskey.

With so many possibilities, your bar is likely to have plenty of bottles of whiskey such as American whiskeys, like Bourbon or Rye, and probably an Irish whiskey or two back there somewhere.

Why Use a Decanter for Whiskey?

Displaying whiskey options in decanters is the perfect focal point for any bar. But finding the right decanter can be tricky. When trying to find the best decanter for whiskey, you first must decide what makes a great whiskey decanter.

Decanting wine allows it to open due to the reaction the liquid has once exposed to air, making for a more enjoyable drinking experience. With whiskey, the main reasons to use a decanter is to add style to your home bar.

A nice decanter will not only distinguish your whiskeys from one another, it will act as a centerpiece to your home bar that is sure to spark conversation.

Preserving Whiskey

When shopping for a new decanter, take into account design and functionality, but most importantly, quality. The quality of the stopper is the most important factor to consider. An airtight stopper will preserve whiskey and avoid losing an angel’s share due to evaporation.

Our experts have independently reviewed hundreds of decanters to provide a list of the top whiskey decanters. You can review our list of the best whiskey decanters below and click any of the decanters to find the full review page.

Our Best Rated Whiskey Decanters (See Full List)

  1. Constellation1797 Liquor Decanter – BD Score 56
  2. Tomoka Gold Bourbon Barrel Decanter – BD Score 56
  3. Prestige Decanters Etched Globe Decanter – BD Score 56
  4. Bull Shaped Decanter – BD Score 55
  5. Glass Diamond Shaped Decanter – BD Score 54
  6. Ravenscroft Crystal Tradewinds Decanter – BD Score 51
  7. Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter – BD Score 49
  8. Circleware CG Society Decanter – BD Score 49
  9. Ravenscroft Crystal Bishop Decanter Set – BD Score 49
  10. Godinger Silver Art Spirits 8 PC Set – BD Score 48
  11. Ravenscroft Thomas Jefferson Decanter – BD Score 48
  12. Twist Whiskey Decanter “Lismore” – BD Score 48
  13. Ravenscroft Crystal St Jaques Decanter – BD Score 48
  14. Fitz and Floyd Gold Luster Decanter – BD Score 47
  15. Kemstood Globe Decanter – BD Score 47


The Best Decanter for Whiskey (See Full List)


Buying Guide Important Things to Consider:

  1. Stopper Quality – Is it airtight?
  2. Is the decanter crystal or glass? Crystal decanters have lead in them, if you plan to keep whiskey in your decanter for an extended period of time this can be dangerous.
  3. Size of Decanter, large enough to hold a 750ml bottle with room to spare