Where to Buy Decanter Labels

Decanter labels also known as decanter tags are one of the unique accessories you can add to you bar collection. They are used to organize your liquor cabinet or to add personality when serving your favorite liquor placed in a decanter. The questions we will address below are which decanter labels are the best and where to buy decanter labels.

The label comes in different varieties. Their design can range from a vintage look, to more modern and they can be made of metals like copper and silver or even wood. The labels will typically have a chain that clasps around the neck of the decanter and some offer adjustability so that your tag will fit all of your decanters perfectly. Which decanter label is the best comes down to two aspects, your design preference and the quality of the tag. Truth is the quality on the tags can vary, some of them are very thin and cheap feeling which doesn’t provide the experience you are hoping guests will have. When possible it is best to check out reviews especially when shopping online.

Where to Buy Decanter Labels?

Below are some options where you can find decanter labels for sale online.

  • Amazon: currently they have about 15 varieties of decanter labels to choose from
  • eBay: has a lot of choices for design and make, you can get a single piece of decanter for as low as $2 per piece
  • Silvergallery.com: from the website name itself they only offer silver crafted decanter labels
  • PrestigeDecanters.com: offers copper, silver, rustic silver decanter labels. All can be bought in sets of 8 at $25 for the set
  • HomeWetBar.com: provide labels which you can have personalized with either a name or a symbol
  • Etsy.com: has the most extensive choice of labels to choose from and also has labels from French porcelain and ceramics
  • SilverandPewtergifts.com: They offer all kinds of personalized stuff including a large variety of decanter labels under $30

These decanter labels play an important part in adding appeal to the decanter you serve. If you don’t use decanter labels a guest may choose rum expecting whiskey or tequila when expecting vodka. This is something every guest would be happy to avoid.