Amlong Rectangular Crystal Decanter Review In Short…

Overall the Amlong Rectangular Crystal Decanter gets 37 points out of 60 which translates to a 62%. This decanter gets high marks for it’s practicality  and  being functional and low marks for its lack of uniqueness and poor quality. We have rated this as a below average decanter, on average it is rated significantly below others in its price range.

From the Manufacturer:

This lead free crystal decanter is a stunning piece to hold the liquor of your choice.

  • Beautiful lead free decanter perfect fits any decor
  • Includes crystal stopper
  • Height: 215mm (about 8 inches) Volume: 800mL (about 27 ounces)
  • Has Amlong Crystal easy peel label so you know its real Amlong Crystal


Product Ratings:

Amlong Rectangular Lead Free Crystal Liquor Decanter Review








Customer Quotes:

Negative Comments:

#1) The stopper does not make a fit seal with the decanter.

2) The silver band on the decanter is discolored. The silver on the topper is discolored as well and has a weird looking dip in it. The topper does not fit in the decanter and leans pretty far to either side…. for those wanting to buy this be aware that it is VERY SMALL!!!!It’s small and girly.

3) The topper is slightly asymmetrical so it jiggles in the neck of the decanter, thus there is no seal. which I personally don’t like.

4) Product arrived scratched and with finish missing/chipped in places.

Positive Comments:

#1) The rim of the decanter provides a very decent pouring lip, something most wine and liquor bottles lack.

#2) I expect LEAD-FREE crystal to not be as brilliant as leaded. However, this decanter looks like crystal!