Bormioli Rocco Capitol Decanter Review In Short…

Overall the Bormioli Rocco Capitol Decanter gets 39 points out of 60 which translates to a 65%. This decanter gets high marks for it’s practicality and low marks for its small size and average design. We have rated this as a below average decanter, on average it is rated slightly lower than others in its price range.


From the Manufacturer:

The fine tradition of the Bormioli Rocco Group coincides with the very history of glass: the first glassworks was established in Parma in 1825. The company has always demonstrated a great drive to pioneer innovation: in machinery, materials and design. Over the years it has developed a special talent, that of combining time-honoured craftsmanship and the passion of master glassmakers with modern industrial processes. Bormioli Rocco is the leading company in its sector in Italy and a great ambassador of the Made in Italy label on international markets.

  • Perfect for wine whiskey favorite libations
  • Made of Glass
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 23.75oz capacity 5.25″Dx10.75″H
  • Dress up your bar
  • One liquor decanter with stopper
  • Capacity: 23 3/4-ounce


Product Ratings:

Bormioli Rocco Capitol Decanter 23.75 oz Liquor Decanter Review








Customer Quotes:

Negative Comments:

#1) Monogrammed letters are in the wrong order. This is also not etched as advertised, but painted onto the glass.

#2) Narrow design of bottom makes holding and pouring somewhat tricky- especially with wet hands.

#3) The decanter has a plastic stopper and the inside top of the decanter is lined in plastic.

#4) This thing drips EVERY TIME I pour a drink. There is ALWAYS a side drip that slides down the bottle.


Positive Comments:

#1) Made in Italy. Glass—not leaded crystal.

#2) This Decanter is flat out impressive it is very heavy! and the cap glass with a plastic collar giving it a airtight seal.