Circleware CG Society Glass Decanter Review In Short…

Overall the Circleware CG Society Glass Decanter gets 49 points out of 60 which translates to a 82%. This decanter gets high marks for it’s eye catching design and uniqueness and low marks for its small size. We have rated this as an above average decanter, on average it is rated significantly higher than others in its price range.

From the Manufacturer:

CG Society Empire Glass Whiskey Liquor Decanter, 18 Ounce 100% Lead Free. Shaped to be an all-purpose glass. Base provides maximum stability. Breakthrough styling and unmatched brand value. Unique Glass shape enhances the contents aromas and flavors. Does not contain any harmful chemicals such as BPA, phthalate, PVC, or polycarbonate, so nothing can leach into your beverage/food from the glass. Strongly recommended by Doctors and health experts. Made of glass enabling the color of the contents to shine. Elegant look and adds to any table’s aesthetics with their contemporary design. These are perfect for: Christmas, Birthday Gifts, Wedding Party, Your best selling beverage, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Housewarming, Cyber Monday and Black Friday sale gifts, New Years, College Graduation, St. Patrick’s Day, Congratulations, Job Promotion, New Job, Stocking Stuffers and Secret Santa Gifts!

  • Strong, sturdy, high Quality and stylish. Great for any event durable for daily use.
  • They make great gifts for any occasion.
  • Circleware is the leading manufacturer of glassware

Product Ratings:

Circleware CG Society Glass Whiskey Decanter Review







Customer Quotes:

Negative Comments:

  1. Very cheap looking and missing the top.
  2. The picture is a little deceiving. Part of it looks like pewter, it’s not. It’s all clear glass.
  3. top don’t seal tight and binds up on you

Positive Comments:

  1. I gave two of these as a Christmas gifts and one as a wedding gift and they were a huge success! It will definitely be my go to gift!
  2. the picture is much better than the real deal- but the real ain’t bad at all
  3. This looks really classy, I love the vintage look of it. Love that it’s lead-free but still looks like crystal.