James Scott Triangular Crystal Decanter Review In Short…

Overall the James Scott Lead Free Triangular Crystal Decanter gets 41 points out of 60 which translates to a 68%. This decanter gets high marks for  practicality and low marks for small size. We have rated this as an average decanter, on average it is rated below others in its price range.

From the Manufacturer

Give your James Scott collection a beautiful update by adding this Crystal Whiskey Decanter. Featuring hand-crafted fine crystal, a classic shape, and a diamond shaped stopper, this decanter is attractive enough to keep on display when not in use. Pair this decanter with your other James Scott pieces, to give your collection the rich James Scott look. Bring instant elegance to your bar area or kitchen using the Triangular Crystal Decanter with diamond shaped Stopper. Because pieces like this decanter are crafted by a master-cutter; this decanter has a simple, chic look that pairs well with both transitional and contemporary decor.

  • TRUE BEAUTY IS ONLY FOUND WITH JAMES SCOTT – When this elegant decanter graces his or her bar of table, enjoying a cocktail always has a sophisticated flair. Created from crystal, its unique design is hand-cut and deeply faceted for extra sparkle. Decanter is 10.25″ tall, its capacity is 610 ml.
  • CRYSTAL BY ITS VERY NATURE, REQUIRES DELICATE HANDLING – With just a little tender loving care, you will ensure the beauty of your crystal for many lifetimes. Wash one piece at a time by hand, using warm soapy water and hand dry with a soft cloth.
  • GIVES A DISTINGUISHED LOOK WHEREVER YOU PLACE IT – Perfect in a gentleman’s study, this distinguished decanter gives pause to everyday life and beckons you to take a break. Whether you fill the stylish decanter with 12-year old scotch for a get-together with friends or orange juice after a round of golf, it’s a happy and hospitable way to pass the time.
  • LEAD FREE – Enjoy your decanter knowing that it is lead free. Your drinks will be pure!


Product Ratings:

Triangular James Scott Lead Free Crystal Liquor Decanter Review







Customer Quotes:

Negative Comments:

1) This product contains lead! The advertisement is negligent and misleading and says its lead free.. this is not lead free!

2) It’s a ok bottle it only need to have a rubber to protect the alcohol from evaporating other than that is very nice bottle

3) It wasn’t what I expected, it’s not for liquor or wine, but for water perhaps. It doesn’t seal very well but it is very pretty

Positive Comments:

1) Beautiful heavy glasses that look like they will last.

2) High quality product. I’ve gotten many compliments on my new decanter set. It’s very heavy and the design looks even better in person.