Luigi Bormioli Rossini Decanter Review In Short…

Overall the Luigi Bormioli Rossini Decanter gets 44 points out of 60 which translates to a 74%. This decanter gets high marks for it’s practicality and low marks for it’s small size. We have rated this as an average decanter, on average it is rated about average when compared to other decanters in its price range.

From the Manufacturer

This elegantly designed spirits decanter was machine blown in Parma, Italy and is a perfect complement to Luigi Bormioli’s barware collection. The decanter is sophisticated yet practical, equally perfect for entertaining or simply completing the home bar. The eco-friendly cork stopper will ensure that your favorite spirit is well maintained. Lead-free. 23.75 ounce in capacity.

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made in Italy
  • Very high quality standards
  • Solid & blown stoppers with gasket and cork finish for a correct seal
  • 23.75 ounce in capacity

Product Ratings:

Luigi Bormioli Rossini Decanter Review







Customer Quotes:

Negative Comments:

1) It’s not actually a cork stopper. It’s glass with oversized rubber o-rings which make it difficult to open and close without fear of nicking the glass.

2) The first time I used it, it got condensation on the inside. The condensation is there all the time. It doesn’t look good and is probably not great for the bourbon sitting in it. I don’t know if has a defective cork or something

3) There’s condensation that builds up ;  the capacity (700ml) means a full bottle will not fit in the decanter ; the white coating around the cork melts over time into the alcohol

4) Smaller than anticipated and doesn’t fit a 750 ml bottle of whiskey

Positive Comments:

1) This carafe is surprisingly heavy, but not at all clunky. The stopper has a cork that feels very well fixed and makes the perfect “thunk!” when removed and the glass is perfectly clear.

2) This is a very solid glass with beautiful curves. The cork top is a perfect tight fit and squared top makes removal easy. It is also the perfect size for those who do not purchase large bottles of spirits and also saves on storage space because it is very pretty sitting atop a small bar.