Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter Review In Short…

Overall the Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter gets 49 points out of 60 which translates to a 82%. This decanter gets high marks for it’s practicality and large size and low marks for unappealing design. We have rated this as an above average decanter, on average it is rated higher than other decanters in its price range.

From the Manufacturer:

The Ravenscroft Beveled Blade is a massive hand cut gem. This is the perfect old world spirits decanter. It will dazzle the most discriminating enthusiast. Brilliant lead-free crystal, hand cut, in by old world European craftsmen. Ravenscroft Crystal Decanters are produced from expensive ancient mineral deposits that eliminate the need to add lead as a clarifying agent. This is particularly important following the recent discovery that long-term storage in leaded decanters can result in lead leaching into the contents. Height: 13 1/2-inch. Width: 5-inch Capacity: 34-ounce.

  • Lead-free crystal
  • Elegant yet functional decanter
  • Elegantly gift boxed

Product Ratings:

Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter Review







Customer Quotes:

Negative Comments:

1) Very sloppy stopper fitting. The stopper does not seat propperly and wobbles about as one moves the decanter. The fitting is so poor that the effect will be one of completely leaving the stopper off altogether.

2) The decanter is well made and has a good heft to it; however, I do not think it looks like the image advertised. The beveling in the photo looks sort of criss-crossed, but it is actually a series of bevels all going in one diagonal direction. I think in the photo you are seeing the bevels on the front and the bevels on the other side of the decanter through the crystal, which makes it look more hashed and random in design. It does not look like that in person. It also seems slightly more squat.

Positive Comments:

1) This is a heavy, substantial decanter made of clean, clear glass. It is modern in design with a deep and boldly cut design at the base which causes the light to play with the amber color of the liquor that I put in. It gives the decanter an extra design interest without being fussy.

2) it’s gorgeous and a nice addition to our counter tops. He loves it. It pours nicely and is great quality.

3) the design is not crisscross like it appears in the picture. I actually like it better the way it is, it’s less busy and had a more modern feel than the cut crystal decanters. Since it is lead-free he’s able to keep his whiskey in it all the time without risk of lead poisoning – always a great quality.