In Short…

Overall the Ravenscroft Crystal Thomas Jefferson Decanter gets 48 points out of 60 which translates to a 79%. This decanter gets high marks for it’s practicality and large size and low marks for lack of uniqueness. We have rated this as an above average decanter, on average it is rated significantly higher than other decanters in its price range.

From the Manufacturer:

This is a reproduction of a design owned by Thomas Jefferson, adorned at its peak by a round top that recalls a lone tree standing triumphant, the Monticello Single Decanter is elegant and enduring. Monticello (or little mountain in Italian) is the name Thomas Jefferson gave to his Estate in the rolling hills of Charlottesville, Virginia. Hand made in Europe of brilliant lead free crystal. Height: 10 3/4-inch. Width: 5 1/2-inch. Capacity: 46-ounce.

  • Lead-free crystal
  • Elegant yet functional decanter
  • Elegantly gift boxed

Product Ratings:

Ravenscroft Crystal Thomas Jefferson Decanter Review







Customer Quotes:

Negative Comments:

1) Good-looking, but chipped immediately upon receiving the lightest of touches against a hard service. Assuming the glass used here is not high-quality.

2) It will not pour decently unless full. Disappointing.

3) It is fine until you get to the bottom of the decanter. Then it splashes all over when you pour it.

Positive Comments:

1) Beautiful decanter. Bold lines, heavy feel. The stopper is entirely glass and although it makes a nice seal when it is closed, it is not completely air-tight enough for storing any alcohol for prolonged periods of time.

2) The wide top but narrow neck makes it perfect for one handed pouring, and the crystal weight has a great feel to it. A nice middle ground between price point and design, highly recommend it.