How Do You Cook Bacon Without It Curling?

As bacon cooks, the fat in the meat melts and can cause the whole piece to curl up on itself. The more fat there is in the meat, the more likely it is to curl. The best method for preventing curling is to remove as much fat as possible before cooking.

Why does bacon curl in the oven?

The fat and meat juices seep out of the meat as it cooks and drips down, creating a pool in the bottom of the pan that causes bacon to curl. A sheet of aluminum foil below, or on top of it will stop that from happening.

How do you fry bacon and keep it flat?

This can be a problem if you have large flat pieces. One of the most important things is to have the correct frying temperature. If the temperature is too low, the
bacon will curl. For best results, preheat your electric griddle about 3-4 minutes before you put it on the griddle. Also, use larger pieces and flatten them out before placing on the griddle. The bacon will be more stable and less likely to curl while cooking.

Follow Steps:
Step 1: Preheat your griddle on high for three minutes.
Step 2: Cut bacon slices in half and place in cold water while you wait for the griddle to
heat up. This will prevent curling while cooking.
Step 3: Once the griddle is hot, add the bacon and turn to low or medium heat so that it
cooks slowly and doesn’t stick. After about five minutes, flip over to cook the other side
if needed.
Step 4: Remove it from the griddle and place each slice on paper towels to drain the grease.

How hot should griddle be for bacon?

You should preheat your bacon griddle to no higher than 300 degrees F. This allows the fat to render out, but will not burn the meat.

What is the best oil to use on a griddle?

Best for flavor and ease of cleanup is bacon fat. Crisco shortening is the second best choice. For those who prefer olive oil, I would suggest using a lard or shortening based oil to cook the bacon in a skillet and then finishing it off on the griddle if you are looking for maximum crispiness.

How do you know when bacon is done?

When the fat is rendered out and the bacon has turned brown, it is done.

How do you keep bacon from sticking to pan?

Just try following tips:

  • Thinner slices cook faster and are less likely to stick to the pan. If they aren’t thin, roll them up or cut them in half so they fit in the fry pan easier.
  • The temperature of the pan is a factor. You will have to experiment with this one, as different pans and bacon have different tolerances for heat.
  • Don’t put the bacon in a cold pan; let it get hot before putting it into the preheated frying pan.
  • Use a nonstick or well-seasoned cast iron frying pan to lessen the chance of sticking.

Bacon shrinks when it is cooked. How can you keep it from shrinking?

Bacon shrinks because some of its fat is rendered out of it during cooking. While some people prefer their bacon extra crispy, we do not suggest cooking extra thick slices– this will also result in excessively crispy bacon that has lost most of its fat and therefore most of its flavor.

In conclusion, now that you know the facts, you can call your bacon “crispy!” I hope this helps!

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